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Private Detective L.O.997

National Registry of Private Security Companies, number 10142



Information services

The evaluation and analysis of your service proposal will guide you with various solutions for decision making, taking care of all economic aspects and assessing the need to implement other research services.

Obtain and provide data and evidence on private behaviors or facts.

Pursue crimes commissioned by the legitimized in the criminal process.

Perform surveillance in public areas at private request; remembering that private behaviors or events are those that affect the economic, labor, commercial, financial and, in general, the personal and family life of any person.

Ratification of the report before the courts of justice and Courts.

Our goal is to provide solutions to business groups, SMEs, insurance companies, mutual accidents at work, law firms and individuals.


BUREAU DE INVESTIGACIÓN helps companies and professionals, providing information and evidence on background or acts committed.

Todas las investigaciones se llevan a cabo a instancia de persona física o jurídica, manifestando un interés legítimo, en su Propio Nombre y Derecho, o en nombre y representación de la persona legítimamente interesada, y son estrictamente confidenciales.

We are detectives specialized in business and corporate intelligence. The agency strives to provide a comprehensive solution, with the professionalism required by the development and evolution of the technique.

Private Investigation can provide information of maximum interest in the judicial procedure, seeks answers in personal cases and helps solve specific problems of small, medium and large companies.


The Graphological Expert Report is aimed at the study of texts and signatures, with the purpose of authenticating the graphics dictating the authenticity or falsity of written documents.

The veracity or not of the graphics, with attribution or exclusion of the authorship of the same, by means of the collation of writings or signatures, doubted and unquestioned; the determination of authorship in anonymous, and the analysis of will testers.

-Documentscopy- where the study of the support or document in which the text and the signature is located.

Nonverbal Behavior. Personality profiling

Behavior like any performance of a person in front of everything that surrounds him, is divided into two large groups that are verbal and nonverbal.

Nonverbal Behavior Analysis tends to be the result of the expression of human emotions that manifest on the face, through gestures, postures, body movements and their orientation towards one place or another.

The Analysis will allow to deduce if the expression of the face of an individual is in tune with his words, if there is a high probability that he is telling the truth, but if it is not consistent, the facial gesture is more important because it emits the signal that he can be lying about a fact or expressing a message contrary to your thoughts or emotions.

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