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The employer, or the partners of the company, can adopt the measures of prevention, surveillance and control that he considers appropriate to verify that the worker seriously and correctly complies with his labor obligations (Art. 5 of the Statute of Workers) . Equally the necessary measures, in the protection of the business:


  • Control and monitoring of workers.
  • Fake work losses.
  • Union abuse.
  • Doubtful Behaviors.
  • Management tracking.


  • Corporate links and social bodies.
  • Succession of companies, display companies, instrumental companies and insolvency punishable.
  • Commercial or industrial activity. Unfair competition, information leaks.
  • Tracking of goods and road transport.
  • Pre-employment report (personnel selection).
  • Disloyalty in distribution networks.
  • Control of activities in the commercial network.


  • Commercial reports on solvency and assets, holding, pre-seizures, defaulters, theft, scams, lifting of assets and feigned insolvencies.
  • Non-uniform surveillance at fairgrounds, hotel complexes, exhibitions, private parties and any other kind of event.

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